We would love to meet you!

What to expect

The Southern Crescent family is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds, faith traditions, and walks of life. That diversity is on display when we gather together for worship.

Young and old, black and white sit side-by-side. Some folks dress down; others dress up. Some are expressive as they participate in worship; others are reserved. SC is more about being united in our diversity by our love for God, each other, and all people, than about attaining uniformity in thought and practice.

We want you to know we welcome your unbelief, your doubts, your questions. We all have the tension of belief and unbelief. We don’t want to be a community of faith where your questions are forced below the table. We want you to feel safe asking them, expressing them out loud, bringing them to community.  Jesus’ life embraced the tension of belief and unbelief.

Maybe you have struggled sitting in science class where the science points to a universe that is billions of years old and dinosaurs didn’t live at the same time as humans.  Maybe you have struggled with a God that has been taught to wipe out nations in "Old Testament stories". Maybe you have struggled w/ a God that has been taught to torture souls in a place called "hell".  

We want you to know that the leadership team here, to the best of our ability, is trying to create a safe place for the tension of belief, unbelief, and asking the hard questions are okay & welcomed.  Our core belief wraps around a God who embodied human skin to model agape love, faced death, conquered it, and there is an empty tomb that started a revolution of love, redemption, and renewal towards a new creation.  If you are constructing a faith in this Christ story for the first time, your questions are welcome here. If your faith story and bubble has been destroyed and you are in a disorienting phase of deconstruction and you aren’t quite sure what you believe, your questions and pains are welcome here.  If you are in a phase of reconstruction from a faith that hurt you - your tension of belief and unbelief are welcome here.  Is Jesus of Nazareth worth following with every ounce of our being? Please join us in wrestling with this question.

For additional resources to help us work through our seasons on deconstruction and reconstruction please see the "more" section of this web site which will point you to "diving deeper resources".  

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you as you visit the SC family.

Where and when

Sunday Mornings

9:45 AM
315 Dogwood Trail
Tyrone, GA 30290